Cristoforo Colombo Lodge No. 14 began in the summer of July 3rd, 1927.

Although being members of the society known as the "ORDINE INDIPENDENTE FIOR D'ITALIA", which up to the time was based in Alberta, a group of Italians from Cranbrook and surrounding areas met to discuss the possibility of forming an Italian Club in Cranbrook.

Since they already belonged to the Alberta based club, they had to present their proposal to this club for approval.  The proposal was presented to the Fior d'Italia by a five man committee which consisted of Frank Provenzano, Joe Fasio, Cosimo Crisafio, Ross Pascuzzo and Antonio Strange.  

Permission was granted, with the condition that the new Lodge operated in Cranbrook be closely tied to the parent organizatoin of the Fior d'Italia.  the name of this new club would be "CRISTOFORO COLOMBO LODGE No. 14", a society of "muto soccorso". (Fraternal Order).

Formatlities were completed on August 27th, 1927 at the hour of 7:45pm. when the first general meeting of the Cristoforo Colombo Lodge was held to elecet the officials for the new club.  This elected body of men had the distiguished honor of guiding the operation of the Cristoforo Colombo Lodge.

The committee invited the officials of the parent club to come and dedicate the new lodge on Sunday, September 18th, 1927.

From 1927 to the early 1930's the club's growth was slow.  The membership as far as can be confirmed, was about 55 to 59 members.

On March 3rd, 1957 the Cristoforo Colombo Lodge discussed the possibility of constructing their own facility.  In 1960 a parcel of land was found and in 1963 the decision was made to purchase the land, however the deal was not finalized until 1964.  The cost was $1,000 plus legal expenses.

At this juncture, it was decided to contruct a building to serve as a clubhouse and shelter.  When this was completed, three outdoor bocci alleyways were constructed and playing cards were purchased in April of 1965.  This was the first year an annual picnic was held on club land.

The eventful years from 1968 to 1975, saw major steps being taken.  A movement to separate from the partent club, the Fior d'Italia, was initiated.  At the convention in Calgary, October 11, 1970, it was agreed that the Cristoforo Colombo Lodge should withdraw from the parent club.  

No longer under the auspices of the parent society, the Cristoforo Colombo Lodge came to realize that it did not have a constitution.  in 1972, a committee was elected to formulate a constitution. Their completed work was presented to members, then after revisions, forwarded to Victoria for registration.  It was agreed that this constitution would come to effect on January 1st, 1973.

The constitution now in place, the membership turned it's attention to the arduous task of constructing it's own facility.  On April 28th, 1975 a building permit was obtained, foundations were poured and a sub-floor installed by the members. Construction was then halted until Spring 1976.  While the initial construction was going on the raising of funds for future construction was also taking place.

As construction continued, so did the organization for the operating of the facility.  On January 30, 1977, an important meeting of the members wives was called, and from this meeting, the Cristoforo Colombo Lodge Ladies Auxilary was born.  Their main task was to cater for functions.

After years of investment of time, effort and finances, the membership's dream was finally realized.  On June 10, 1978, the Grand Opening of Cristoforo Colombo Lodge No 14. took place.

Regular functions, which became known as "Social Evenings", were held in the new facility.

As more functions were held, repsonse from the community became almost overwhelming.  Hiring the hall and facilities increased, as did the attendance of the particpants.  This led to the expansion of the kitchen facilities in 1983.  In 1984, featuring equipment and facilities comparable or better than those in some of the downtown hotels, the kitchen was opened.

Improvements did not end here, for in March of 1985, it was realized that the lodge bar facilities required expansion.  Work was completed by May of 1985 and the bar was opened at the anniversary celebration in June of 1985.

The Crostoforo Colombo Lodge has managed to grow, propser and become a self-supporting organization.  This was achieved on December 12th, 1986, when all outstanding debentures were finally paid.

Our dream has become a magnificent reality!