Persons or groups interested in having an event at the Lodge will be given a package that will make planning and organizing the event as efficient as possible. The package includes information about the Hall and Lounge, floor plans, menu pricing, maps, etc. In order for the staff to properly prepare for the event, the contact person (assisted by Manager), will be asked to provide details of the event. Some of the details include: number of persons attending, a menu, table set-up instructions and any other special instructions or requests. Any changes to this agreement must be discussed with the Party Manager.

Contact Person: The Lodge requires someone that will be attending the function to act as a contact person so that he/she and the Party Manager can work together to ensure that the function operates smoothly. If any questions should arise during the function, it is up to the contact person and Party Manager to sort out the details.

Number of persons attending: In most cases, costs of the function is based on the total number of persons served. An accurate estimate of the number of persons attending is required a minimum of ten (10) days prior to the date of the function. Once the Lodge Manager receives the number, the Lodge will begin preparations for at least that many people.

It is important that this number is as accurate as possible. Cost of the function will be calculated on the greatest of either the number of persons submitted or the number of persons actually served.

Deposit: Once the Lodge is booked, a deposit of $300.00 is required in order to keep the booking and to act as a damage deposit as well. This deposit is non-refundable if the function is cancelled within six (6) months of the function date – if the function was to be held on a Saturday. For functions held on weekdays, the deposit is non-refundable if the function is cancelled within two (2) months of the function date. The deposit will be held by the Lodge in cases where significant damage has occurred to the property as a result of the function or from it’s guests.

Payment in full is due within ten (10) days of the function date.

Set-up & Decorations: Set up of tables and decorating will be discussed with the Lodge Manager 3 to 4 days prior to the event. Decorating will take place within certain times agreed to. Masking tape and putty is allowed for decorating.

Scotch tape, tacks nails or glue are not.

The Lodge will provide a microphone, podium and projector screen; and has wireless internet connection. Requests for extra tables & chairs and wheel-chair needs must be made well prior to the event.

The information package includes a floor plan in which table set-up can be sketched. Staff will prepare the tables as per this sketch.

Event schedule: The information package includes a function checklist or event schedule that lists important times such as: the start of meal service and clean-up. For events where speeches, dancing or other activities requiring tables to be cleared by a certain time, the time must be stated so that staff can be prepared to fulfill the request. The Lodge accepts no responsibility for delays caused by the function itself or by it’s guests.

At most, the event should conclude at 1:00 AM and all guests shall be off the property by 2:00 AM.

Other: Due to food handling and storage issues the Lodge accepts no responsibility for food once it leaves the premises.

The Lodge accepts no responsibility for items left unattended on the property.

Dopo Lavoro: No Minors with Bar.

Telephone: (250) 426-4114